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What Can A Commercial Real Estate Attorney Do For Me?



We counsel and advise clients in all areas of ownership, operation, leasing, and financing both commercial and residential real estate.

Our lawyers are experienced in negotiating and closing purchase and sale transactions and leasing transactions for developed and undeveloped real property, including:

  • Industrial Office
  • Multi-family apartments
  • Retail/shopping centers
  • Hotel/casino projects

For both landlords and tenants, we regularly advocate on behalf of, and advise, clients involved in lease disputes, including enforcement of rights and remedies following lease defaults.

Landlord Representation

Leasing a property to a private individual or business always comes with risks. In the event that you need to remove your tenants, our firm provides commercial eviction and private eviction services. We will take the legal actions necessary to have your tenants removed from the property while obeying all landlord/tenant laws.

Our staff will work with the landlord to determine what type of eviction, summary, formal, or abandonment must be filed, ensure that the tenants are served notifications, and aggressively represent your case in court.