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Our vast experience and involvement in real estate law extends to the representation of buyers, sellers, lessors and lessees throughout Las Vegas and Clark County. Don't hesitate to contact us in connection with any of the following real estate law issues:


We represent developers, buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants in their resolution of complex issues involving ownership and use of commercial real estate like zoning and land use laws, property tax issues and rentals. We're involved in the financing development, building, buying, selling and leasing of commercial properties that include but aren't limited to hotel and casino properties, industrial developments and shopping centers.


Whether you're buying, selling or leasing a residential property, we'll review your contract and advise you on its terms and your obligations. If you're the seller, we'll obtain all necessary documents like your commitment for title insurance and mortgage payoffs, and then draft any other necessary documents. We'll monitor performance of any agreed upon repairs to your home, and we'll work with you on the resolution of any outstanding issues of clear and merchantable title. We'll also prepare all necessary final documents for closing and be with you at closing to assure a smooth and seamless transaction. If you're a buyer, we'll review your contract with you, advise you of your rights and duties under that contract, and monitor all deadlines like your home inspection and mortgage contingency dates. At closing, we make sure you obtain clear title. All documents will be fully explained so you're completely aware of what each and every piece of paper means.


A loan modification can make the difference between keeping your home or losing it. We'll evaluate your needs and objectives, and then we'll put together a strategy to work toward your goals. We might be able to help you reduce your interest rate, put any arrearages at the end of your loan or even work out a reduction in the principal amount that you owe. If you're in arrears on your mortgage payments and want to work things out with your lender, we'll use our knowledge, experience and the laws that protect you. Doing nothing is the worst possible thing you can do.


Through a short sale, you can sell your property to somebody else for less money than you owe on the mortgage, and then you can walk away from the property and the mortgage. Your lender has to approve that short sale though, but for many lenders, something is better than nothing, so many short sales are approved. This is one way you could avoid a bankruptcy. In these difficult times we're pleased to help our clients with short sales.

Whether you're a commercial or residential buyer, seller, lessor or lessee in or around the Las Vegas area, contact us for your real estate issues. We're highly knowledgeable, experienced, well prepared and thorough.

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